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Gymnastics, Tumbling and Dance

Gymnastics, Tumbling and DanceGymnastics, Tumbling and Dance

Tumbling Summer Schedule

Beginning Cheer Tumble (Ages 5 and up)

Beginning Cheer Tumbling will focus on the basic tumbling skills needed for cheerleading, while building strength, coordination and flexibility needed for competitive cheerleading. Basic jumps, arm movements and stunt moves will also be introduced.

Tuesdays:  4:30 or 6:00

Thursdays:  5:00 or 5:30

Intermediate Cheer Tumble (Ages 5 and up)

Intermediate Cheer Tumbling is for students who have can do the basic cartwheel, round off, and back bend kick over. Intermediate gymnastics will teach back-handsprings and round off back-handspring, along with progressive cheer jumps and stunts.

Tuesdays:  5:30

Thursdays:  4:30

Advanced Cheer Tumble (Ages 8 and up)

Advanced Cheer Tumbling is for students who already have a back-handspring. Advanced tumbling will teach standing back tucks and running tumbling that will include back tucks and layouts.

Tuesdays:  6:30

Thursdays:  6:00

Elite Cheer Tumble (Ages 10 and up)

Elite Cheer Tumbling is for students who are ready to do 1/2, 1/1 and 2/1 twisting. Must have a good layout to go into this class.

Thursdays:  6:30